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Pure Kombucha

is an authentic artisan fermented probiotic product made with only the finest tea, sourced from highest quality farms throughout Asia. Hand crafted kombucha in Essex England, it takes 8 to 12 weeks to make a bottle, with only the best quality teas and natural herbs with many health benefits.


3 National Awards+ 1 Global Award* in 3 years (2021-2024)

2024 UK Enterprise Award—Best Artisan Probiotic Beverage Company 2024

2023/ 24 Global Award*—Kombucha Tea Retailer of the Year

2023 UK Enterprise Award—Best Artisan Probiotic Kombucha Tea

2021 Food & Drink Award—Most Innovative Healthy Brand

* 31,287 nominations were received by the awards team at Corporate LiveWire from
36+ countries around the world. Winners were chosen for innovation, ethical
practice, industry recognition, and most importantly service excellence.

Sourced from Taiwan with AGRA BOUTIQUE

Sourcing the Best

Where possible I like to visit the place where the ingredients originate from. It is a great opportunity to meet the farmers. The people who dedicate their lives, to hard but a very the worthy cause.

Single Origin Tea

Formosan Farms include many independent tea farms in Taiwan under Agra Boutique Social Enterprise. All of these eco-friendly farms are committed to sustainable farming and produce single origin tea.

This wild mountain tea farm is so very still, as the silence is deafening. It is so beautiful, like time has stopped. The farm was started over 180 years ago by the current farmers' ancestors. It has been 5 generations since the first tea plant was planted. It was sourced from the edge of a cliff to this location. It was then built into this amazing forest of tea.

Wild Mountain Tea Farm

Wild/ Native Mountain Tea farm used to serve the Japanese Royal family for over 100 years. The tea was often used as a medicine to protect their health. There are huge fragrant lemon trees all over the farm, oranges, and wild pineapples.The lemons and lime tree have been planed near the tea. The condition of the plans give the farmers an indication of the tea tree health.

As you can see in the pictures, there are many tall thin trees. These trees protect the tea trees from the hot burning sun. There is a huge 500-year-old camphor tree. It feels like whole farm is being guarded by it. It is said the unique flavour of the wild mountain tea is heavily influenced by the camphor tree.

Flowering Tea Trees

The wild mountain tea was flowering when I visited the farm. It only happens once a year. The smell, feels like you have travelled back to ancient times. 

The flowers produce tea seeds, which are made into cooking oil for the farmers. The flowers produce only a small amount of oil, which the famers keep as it is so rare and precious.

Beautiful Mulberry Leaf

These leaves are lush, deep green, and the smell is intoxicating, I could have stayed there all day, in fact all year, in this angelic place. 

Hibiscus/ Roselle

I use two different types of hibiscus to produce the unique taste. One is from Jamaica, and better well known called Sorel. The second I use is Roselle Hibiscus from Taiwan which is a different taste to the Jamaican Hibiscus. 

Mr Mulberry: best friend this winter!

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I found Pure Kombucha at a local farmers market in North London. Finally pleased to find a genuinely authentic creator of Kombucha, I was excited to find out what it was really supposed to taste and ‘feel’ like, rather than the mass market versions we find in stores today. What a pleasant surprise!Excellent range of products, all with different healing properties/ingredients; brilliant tastes (even though the benefits of the kombucha is more important); plus, above all, such a great effect after taking the product regularly.It has settled down a lot of digestive issues, ‘clears’ the system nicely and overall gives a great feeling of well-being and calm.Since my first purchase I have now become a regular customer and will never buy a commercial version again; absolutely no comparison or point!Finally, I really appreciate the pure dedication, consideration and intellect that has been put into making each and every one of the different kombuchas.I highly recommend trying Pure Kombucha if you are considering either starting or changing which one you have. You will not regret it!

Jhené D

I was interested in buying some kombucha, however, after chatting to Paul about suffering from a recurring ailment, he suggested, instead, that I buy some ashitaba tea, as it would ease my symptoms. I am so grateful for his advice - the tea is delicious and I really feel as though it has helped to ease the acid in my stomach. I highly recommend.

Kirsty Adele

The best kombucha I’ve ever had. I love the chaga, Kaffir lime and Ginger it has amazing flavour and is perfectly fresh. But all of the kombucha’s are amazing.As a kid I thought my dad was weird liking kombucha, but then I tried Pure Kombucha which made me adore kombucha it was excellent in every way.

Alexis Paulson-Ellis

Coming out of the pandemic, I was looking for ways to improve my health, lose weight and feel better physically. I tried Pure Kombucha - a simple small shot in the morning - and I have found that not only have I lost weight (4-5lbs), but I have noticed a significant improvement in my digestion and improved energy.

Jeegar Kakkad

Having only been introduced to kombucha recently I am now a regular drinker of Pure Kombucha, I have definitely noticed a lift in my focus and general wellbeing since introducing it into my diet. Paul is a really freindly genuine guy who makes a really good product with a variety of delicous flavours, my favourites include Schizandra berry, mountain tea with ginger and Red jade tea. Happy to purchase again and recommend to others!

Phil Rogers

This the 2nd batch I have ordered, I suffer from diverticulitis, this has helped me immensely, been taking this since August with no stomach problems, excellent product, thank you!

Steven Livings

I have suffering arthritis/ gout problem,unfortunately more than a decade I really satisfied and happy with Pure Kombucha tea because it is help me a lot to reduce symptoms and also I have no arthritis/ gout problem since I have been drinking his kombucha product.

Akos Molnar

I love the taste! More importantly it has a very positive effect on my health. For the past year I have suffered from horrible neurological symptoms in the form of internal trembling and unbearable vibrations/tingling throughout my whole body, even in my face.  After an MRI scan and many neurological tests over the past year the doctors remain baffled as to the cause, but prescribed me with a Parkinson’s medication to combat the symptoms.  I took the medication for one night but it made me so ill. Now, about 6 weeks after starting drinking Pure Kombucha daily, my horrible neurological symptoms have decreased dramatically - from unbearable to almost unnoticeable. The only change in my diet/lifestyle has been the introduction of Pure Kombucha. I am convinced that the key to one’s health lies in the gut. As a sufferere of several auto-immune diseases (hashimotos and addison’s and psoriatic arthritis) this has been proved to me over many years. 

Hannah Woodhouse

I am impressed by your diverse Kombucha product range, which in addition to the Kombucha has other herbs proven health benefits which I feel is unique to your range of Kombucha products.

D. P

Pur-erh tea known for its ancient history of taste & health properties

Five-year aged Pu-erh tea to produce outstanding strength & depth of taste