Kombucha shipping fee £10 per 6 bottles (mobile & email required for the courier), Tea-only shipping £5 (PROMO: Tea)

Global Award Winner

This is our 3rd big award!!!

with the previous 2021 Food & Drink Award and 2023 UK Enterprise Award: all recognised Pure Kombucha the best kombucha in the UK, and now around the world.

Over the past year 31,287 nominations were received by the awards team at Corporate LiveWire from over 36 countries around the world. Winners were chosen for innovation, ethical practice, industry recognition, and most importantly service excellence.

Awards Director, Andrew White, commented: “It is fantastic to see yet another year of progression and success throughout the corporate industry. The winners have shown a great improvement over the past year and together have created a global unity. We commend all the winners and I look forward to seeing their future developments.”

Furthermore, the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards highlights the achievements of individuals and businesses across many sectors such as software & technology, energy & sustainability, and sport & wellness, amongst others.

The full winners guide can be found at: https://corporatelivewireglobalawards.com/global-awards-2024/