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Fruit Enzyme/ lychee vintage/ 400ml

Fruit Enzyme/ lychee vintage/ 400ml

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Vintage Fruit Enzyme/ 400 ml (aged, so ranged 20ml plus or minus) per bottle/  around 80 serves (can dilute with cold water 1:8)

Grandma’s recipe

Vintage enzyme provides following potential health benefits:

  • Anti-aging
  • Weight loss & control
  • Improve digestion
  • Skin health & protection
  • Warm up body
  • Fermented with fruit facilitates absorption of fruit nurtitions

Product features:

  • Product from a village cooperative in Southern Taiwan
  • Handcrafted by a group of grandmas
  • Traditional fermented recipe in the Hakka tribe
  • Aged for 3~8 years (various from different batches)
  • Natural ingredient: pineapple, raw sugar

Drink or mix with salad, better dilute 5ml with 40 ml or more water (even the aged enzyme does NOT harm stomach without diluting) to make it more effective.