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Formosan Farms/ AGRA BOUTIQUE Social Enterprise

To support small independent farmers in Taiwan, Dr. Han (also known as Dr. Tea) founded Agra Boutique Social Enterprise in 2015. For over a decade of academic field research in the agricultural industry, Dr. Han built a mission of selling an ATTITUDE in cherishing handcrafted boutiques from the traditional agricultural communities in the modern indusrialisation world.

Based on over 1,300 tea farms survey in Taiwan, Dr. Han founded Formosan Farms as a global tea brand, only selling single origin speciality teas from Taiwan. Single origin one tea per farm standard gives the authentic taste, compared with other blended one. And it was believed to keep the most “Chi (氣)” from the soil and plant to benefit human health.

Formosan Farms nowadays collaborates with 15 representative Taiwan teas and many other organic herb farmers at the finest quality standard from rigorously selected independent family tea farms through all the major tea regions in Taiwan. These family farms keep their traditions in tea plantations and tea processing methods, with an average of five decades or up to two hundred years of history. These farms are selected because they represent the original spirit of tea cultivation along with the specific landscape, soil condition, sunshine and rain, and more importantly, the untold handcrafting secret throughout the time.

More information: FORMOSAN FARMS LIMITED/ Company No. 13061209 (England & Wales)